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emainThe Borough of Everett in Bedford County was originally named as Waynesburg by Michael Barndollar of Maryland. Barndollar purchased the land in 1787 and laid out a town in 1795. The Waynesburg name did not stay however, as residents and travelers soon came to know the town as Bloody Run and the town was officially re-named Bloody Run in 1860 with its initial incorporation as a borough. The reasons for the Bloody Run designation appear to have been lost in history. Some speculate that it was due to battles between settlers and Indians which colored the waters of the creek, still named Bloody Run, red with blood. Others speculate it may have simply been for the coloring of the waters, or earth, which may have given the creek a reddish color. Either way the borough electorate voted to officially change the name of the Borough from Bloody Run to Everett in 1873 after Edward Everett, a former governor of Massachusetts.
Michael Barndollar was not the first know resident of the Everett area. That distinction is held by John Patton who built a house in 1738 which still stands today on Hillside Street.

Everett was a popular stopping point for travel between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia in the early 1800’s and was home to Barndollar’s Tavern.
Everett’s first school house was erected in 1837 and served as the primary school for almost 20 years. The first Everett High School would be built in 1885. Both buildings have long since been replaced. Everett High School is currently located at 2416 Colby Avenue in Everett.
The first Fire Company was created in Everett in 1876 and was led by then Fire Chief Engineer D. S. Elliot. Today Everett is still served by the Everett Volunteer Fire Company #1, with a fire hall located at 100 Mechanic Street in Everett. The Fire Company serves Everett Borough, West Providence, Snake Spring, Monroe, Mann, Hopewell, and Southampton Townships in Bedford County PA.

By the 1900’s Everett had become a manufacturing and business location thanks in part to its location along the Raystown branch of the Juniata River. The Huntingdon and Broad Top Railroad also provided railroad accommodations to Everett, PA. Everett was a center for iron furnaces, glass works, steam tannerys, foundrys, planing mills and machine shops during the 1900’s.

It is said that in the early 1900's, Everett residents A.W. Karns and his son, W. C. built an automobile. It was reported to have made by hand, part by part. The Karnes petitioned the Federal Government for a loan to set up a plant for their manufacture, but at about the same time Henry Ford from Detroit also petitioned for an automobile loan.

The 1936 flood on St. Patrick's Day was the biggest natural disaster to hit Everett. Central Pennsylvania suffered extensive damage from the floods, caused by heavy rains, but Everett may have been one of the hardest with an estimated $500,000 in property damages. floodnewsThe rainfall caused the fall of an old wooden bridge on the west end of town which washed up against a newer iron bridge toward the east part of Everett. Debris from the destroyed bridge caused a damming of the flood waters at the iron bridge. Water then rose in downtown Everett, about one story high throughout the downtown area. Though the flood damage was extensive in Bedford County, only one reported casualty is attributed to the flood.

Everett is currently home to more than 1,800 people and is the second largest borough in Bedford County, behind the county seat of Bedford, PA.
The Pennsylvania Mid State Hiking Trail passes through Everett. Everett is also home to many historic buildings, such at the Everett Foundry, as well as the Everett Railroad Museum.estation




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