The Lost Children of the Alleghenies

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The Lost Children of the AllegheniesThe Lost Children of the Alleghenies is a heartbreaking and tragic true story that happened in Bedford County in 1956.  Samuel and Susannah Cox, along with their two boys George 6yrs and Joseph 5yrs lived in a small log cabin near the small town of Pavia in Bedford County.  On April 24, 1856 Samuel, and his family had just sat down for supper when their dog “Sport” starting barking loudly outside.  Samuel grabbed his gun and went outside to investigate the ruckus.  When Samuel returned home having found nothing his wife was screaming that their boys were missing.  As they day faded into night it became very difficult to search for the missing boys.  Word quickly spread throughout the surrounding towns and roughly 1,000 people traveled to join in the search for George and Joseph.  After many days of searching with no results the rumors started spreading that the parents had killed and hid the boys’ bodies.   Samuel and Susannah’s house was search finding no trace of the missing boys.
Jacob Dilbert, a local farmer, had been having several nightmares about the lost boys.  Jacob repeatedly dreamed he would find the lost Cox boys near a dead deer, a child’s shoe, and a fallen tree.  Jacob along with his brother-in-law, Harrison Whysong, went into the woods searching for any similarities to Jacob’s nightmares.   On May 8, 1856 Jacob and his brother-in-law found a dead deer lying in the forest, and further down the trail they saw a child’s shoe.  Nestled in the hollow of a fallen dead Beech tree near a small stream they found the two lost Cox boys.  The lost boys had found shelter in the trunk of the Beech tree, but the weather had been too harsh for them to survive.  Joseph and George Cox were buried in Mount Union Cemetery.

In 1910, about 50 years after the Cox boys had been found, the Community of Pavia erected a monument where George and Joseph Cox had been found.  Jacob Dibert and his brother-in-law Harrison Whysong became legendary heroes.  You can visit the Lost Children of the Alleghenies Monument today by traveling to the town of Pavia, PA located in Bedford County.  Just outside the town you will find a dirt road that leads into the forest of Spruce Hollow.  Follow the road until you come to a small pull off along the left.  A small trek into the forest and you will find the Lost Children of the Alleghenies Monument and location where the Cox boys had been found.

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